Telescopic Umbrella

Telescopic Umbrella
It is a type of umbrella with eight aluminum profiles that cafes and restaurants frequently prefer in their outdoor areas. It is produced with and without chimney system according to preference. Your telescopic umbrella with chimney system provides air evacuation and makes it easier to use in the wind. Its mechanism is specially designed by our company and has been working smoothly for many years. The internal mechanism has a mirror spur gear system and a device that prevents stretching when opening and closing your umbrella is used.
Your telescopic umbrella is manufactured according to your preference as imported acrylic or polyester fabric. Imported acrylic fabric weighs 350 grams per meter and has water repellent properties. Imported acrylic fabric is guaranteed not to fade for 7 years.3x3 umbrellas, 4x4 umbrellas, 5x5 umbrellas are square and 400/8 circular 500/8 circular 600/8 circular umbrellas are also offered to your service for your needs. Hotel umbrellas, cafe umbrellas and garden umbrellas are the most preferred areas of use.
The plastic connection devices used in our fabrics are uniquely designed and made of 1st class raw materials.
Ø100mm - 20x40x2.5mm Ø84mm - 20x30x2.5mm
300x300cm SQUARE 300x300cm SQUARE
400x400cm SQUARE 400x400cm SQUARE
500x500cm SQUARE 500x500cm SQUARE

Nova Parasol Aluminum Telescopic Umbrella

  • The entire skeleton and cores are aluminum.
  • Umbrella fabrics are imported acrylic (spanish) fabric and are guaranteed not to fade for 7 years by the manufacturer.
  • The chimney system (ventilation tower) helps wind evacuation and increases wind resistance.
  • It has steel shaft and mechanism system.
  • Special mirror spur gear system is used in umbrella motors.
  • The wall thickness of the product with 100mm diameter pole is 3.5mm and the wall thickness of the product with 84mm diameter pole  2.5mm.
  • Unlimited spare parts and technical service support is offered.
  • 3x3 umbrellas, 4x4 umbrellas, 5x5 umbrellas are square and our 400/8, 500/8, 600/8 sizes are circular models.
  • Unlike other products on the market, an anti-stretching device has been added to the upper pipe, thus preventing stretching and shaking and increasing strength.
  • Unlike other products in the market, thanks to the special mold made for the "lugs" that connect the umbrella arms to the fabric, the problems that are usually experienced in that area have been eliminated and the quality has been increased.

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