Telescopic umbrella products allow customers to spend time in the outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants without being affected by the sun and other weather conditions. It is a frequently preferred shading product in this area with its rich variety of sizes.
It is an umbrella model that saves space and impresses with its design. It allows cafes and  restaurants to use more tables. It is also a complementary product of furniture used in gardens and balconies.
It is another preferred shading model due to its ease of use and economic suitability. Usage areas; beaches, promotion, garden, balcony and commercial enterprises.
It is an easy to open and close shade product consisting of aluminum skeleton. Also known as pavilion and gazebo. It is widely used as printed in events. Other areas of use are gardens, terraces and camps. It offers a rich variety of sizes and personalized production.
Umbrellas, which are preferred in areas such as cafes, restaurants, beaches and gardens, are very important in order to be protected from harmful sun rays and to be in the shade without discomfort. In addition, these umbrella models are also important in terms of decoration integrity.
In areas such as cafes and restaurants, visitors mostly prefer to sit outdoors. Cafe and restaurant umbrellas can be produced specifically for the company and can also be purchased ready-made. You can represent your corporate identity by choosing umbrellas with the company's logo and slogan on it.