It is produced as aluminum. The plastic connection parts used are made of 1st class raw materials. It opens and closes in seconds. There is a turning arm that keeps the fabric stretched. Carrying bag is available.
Weight bags are produced upon request. It is widely used in garden and organization areas with its rich variety of sizes. It is also used as a camping tent by covering the gazebo fronts with fabric.

Nova Parasol Aluminum Folding Awning Gazebo / Canopy Gazebo

  • 200x200 250x250 300x300 300x450 300x600 easily portable aluminum frame.
  • Adjustable height between 1.80-2.50.
  • The product is easy to install and easy to collect.
  • 270 gr/m waterproof acrylic coated oxford fabric.
  • There is a screw hole at the feet to fix it to the ground and a hook hole at the corners of the tarpaulin to fix it to the ground with a rope if necessary.
  • Provides easy storage.
  • Closed sizes are 25x25x157 for 2x2 2.5x2.5 3x3, 25x35x157 for 3x4.5, 25x43x157 for 3x6.
  • Carrying bag and box available.
  • The product is our own production. Unlimited spare parts support and special size production can be made upon request.
  • Usage areas; garden, terrace, camping, beach, festival and event areas. It can also be used for promotional and advertising purposes.
Its Under Development.
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